Bumprider is made by the Elite Group Sweden.

A family company with extensive experience in the stroller industry, their products solve all the common problems found with regular ride-along / stand on stroller boards. Their strict attention to detail and innovative designs are sure to make your life easier. 

- Bumprider Won "Gold" position in the Mother and Baby Awareds 2016: Best Multiple Twin or Tandem Pushchair Accessory


- Designed to FIT ANY stroller / pram due to its universal connector with endless adjustment possibilities. If you're unsure whatsapp us to visit our warehouse outlet and bring your stroller for fitting.

- Suitable for children from 2 to 5 years of age, up to 20kg

- Balanced torsion suspension for smooth riding like in snowmobiles.

- Telescoping arms for connection are durable aluminium, not plastic like other boards

- Quick and easy installation (no tools needed)

- Made in Korea

- Designed in Sweden

- Buy here the Authentic item directly from Bloop Distribution an authorised distributor.

Bumprider is a stand-on board, buggy board that fits all strollers/prams. Buy here at the best prices with worldwide free shipping. 

Bumprider Green
Bumprider Football
Bumprider Grey
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